I moved to Cape Town in early 2019 and quickly realized that one of my favourite German trends hadn’t reached this side of the world yet.
So I thought why not bring the most convenient lifestyle product to beautiful South Africa – the phone necklace.

I love travelling, sports, music festivals and all outdoor activities in general – especially in and around Cape Town. We’re pretty much all used to carrying our phones with us 24/7, but what do we do when our trending outfit doesn't have pockets, we need to carry multiple bags, hike up a steep trail, throw our hands up to our favourite song or live that mom lifestyle with a baby in our arms?

This is where ACHT comes into play. With the amazing phone necklaces you can easily wear your cell phone as an accessory, be stylish and let loose. And there you are - handsfree! 8 is not only my lucky number, it also stands for the german word “Achtsamkeit”, meaning awareness. When wearing the phone necklace, you will have your hands free to focus on other things in your life. Oh, and if you turn your phone horizontally to take a picture, there is no more phone dropping selfie accidents which will make your phone last ∞ .

From Cape Town with ❤️